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  • How best to engage your child in swimming
  • What to feed them
  • How best to develop a good backstroke
  • Etc., etc., etc.,


Ask Coach Marsh is your opportunity to pick the brain of our CEO and Director of Coaching, David Marsh. David brings not only his incredible background and knowledge of swimming to the table, but also pulls in experts and active/aspiring Olympians to provide answers!


New questions and video answers will be posted periodically.  Keep submitting and checking!

Index of Videos:

August, 2015: What advice do you have regarding early specialization in swimming or any other sport?
Coach Marsh discusses youth development and the pressure of "early specialization" in sports and the need to keep your athlete balanced!

August 2015: How do I improve my underwater kicking?
Matt Josa joins coach Marsh to discuss how to achieve better results in underwater swimming and reminds us that it's the 2nd fastest way to travel through the water aside from Freestyle!

August 2015: How do I improve as a swimmer outside of the pool?
Coach Marsh answers Abby Ormiston's question about how to become a better swimmer outside of the pool...PLAY!

August 2015: How do I improve my IM Backstroke?
Coach Marsh answers a question from a Master's level swimmer about how swimmers at all levels can improve the backstroke leg of their IM!

Advice from Coach Marsh for the 2015 long course season

March, 2015: David, what's it like to coach Team Elite? From Ann Jones
David responds to a question from Ann Jones regarding his experiences in coaching Team Elite:

March, 2015: David, how can I become a better practice swimmer? From Olivia Powell
David responds to a question by Olivia Powell about the critical concepts of becoming a better swimmer at all levels through coaching and diligent practice:

March, 2015: David, how do I keep my swimer motivated throughout the ups and downs of a long season? From a SwimMAC Parent
David discusses how parents can interact with their swimmer both as swimmers and outside of swimming to maintain a swimmer's fresh perspective:

Advice from Coach Marsh for 2015 SC Champs season:

2014: Question 1: David, how often do you swim?
David talks about his own family and his plans for a personal swimming regimen in the future:

2014: Question 2: David, what should I eat before a meet?
David brings in Dr. Batley to help answer questions about eating healthy for meets and races:

Question 3: David, how can I develop my weak stroke?
David brings in 7-time Olympic medalist Kirsty Coventry to talk about how she addresses her "weaker" stroke: