Jennifer Hughes

Jennifer Hughes
Board Member


SwimMAC Connection:  The Hughes' oldest daughter recently graduated from the senior division to swim in college.  Their youngest daughter swims in the dolphin division and the family has hosted 3 Team Elite swimmers in their home for more than 3 years.  I have been a part of the leadership team for the Ultra Swim/Proswim meet for the past 4 years.

Swimming History: Participated in summer league as a youth and swam competitively for a couple of years.
Professional: Currently a stay at home mother of 3 children and volunteer.
Education: B.A. from the College of Charlston
Jennifer was asked to consider joining the board based on 15 years of experience as a swim parent and her extensive volunteer contributions. She has helped raise children in all different levels of swimming from the very beginner up to the college athlete and even as a mentor role to some of our elite professional swimmers.  Jennifer has lived in Charlotte since 1995 and she and her husband, Garland, live in Myers Park with their children.  They enjoy weekends volunteering or watching the children's sports, and spending what free time they have left at their vacation home in Charleston, SC.  Jennifer also enjoys yoga, running, and tennis. In addition to her volunteer roles with SwimMAC, Jennifer works weekly with a local child advocacy center.

"Swimming was a love of mine as a child, and my children have made it an important sport to our family! I want to help take SwimMAC to the next level while continuing with the mission that this club has had since 1977, and help the current board create a place for children to have life-long enrichment!" - Jennifer Hughes


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