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Lessons at SwimMAC Training Center

  Charlotte Latin School Campus

  9850 Providence Rd.

  Charlotte, NC 28277 






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MiniMAC Classes

Endless Pool

Age:  6 months - 3 years
MiniMACIf your child is 3 years of age or younger, start here. 


Preschool Classes

Endless Pool



Ages 3-6


Red - P3



Beginners start here


Grade School Classes

Endless Pool



Ages 6-13


Yellow - G5


Beginner Freestyle



Green - G6


Intermediate Free and Back



White - G7



Beginning Breast Stroke


Gold - All Strokes


Intermediate Breast and Fly




Pre-School Classes

Main Pool

Age: 4 to 6 years 
Red - P3

My child is:

  • Beginner with little or no experience
  • 1:3 teacher/student ratio
Orange - P4

My child can:

  • Float on their front & back independently
  • 1:4 teacher/student ratio
Yellow - P5

My child can:

  • Kick consistently for 5 to 10 feet
  • 1:4 teacher/student ratio
Green - P6

My child can:

  • Swim Freestyle with a side breath
  • Kick comfortably on their back
  • 1:4 teacher/student ratio

Gradeschool Classes

 Main Pool

Age 6 Years and Up

Teacher/Student Ratio Increases with Experience Level

Red - G3

My child is:

  • A Beginner with little to no experience
  • Ratio is 1:3
Orange - G4

My child can:

  • Float on stomach and back
Yellow - G5

My child can:

  • Swim freestyle 10-15 feet with no breath
  • Kick during a back float
Green - G6

My child can:

  • Swim a freestyle with bi-lateral side breathing for 10-15 yards
White - G7

My child can:

  • Swim 15 yards of freestyle
  • Swim 10 yards of backstroke
  • Kick a productive dolphin kick
Silver - G8

My child can:

  • Swim 25 yards Freestyle
  • Swim 25 yards Backstroke
  • Kick 15 yards legal Breastroke
  • OR Completed all prior levels
  • Recommendation required

Gold - Olympic Strokes

My child can:

  • Swim across pool legal Free, Back, and Breast Stroke
  • Recommendation Required



Adult/Teen Group Classes 

Lessons for students who are 12 years & older


Private Lessons

  • Adults
  • Children ages 2 and up
  • Private and semi-private (2-person) lessons


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