Linn Grossman

2015 Linn GrossmanLinn Grossman
North Dolphin 3 Lead Coach

Phone: 216-401-9245

Education: The Ohio State University, BA in Journalism
Joined SwimMAC staff: August 2015
Growing up on Lake Erie, there was no question Linn would learn to swim at a very young age. She spent most of her free time at the pool, and joined the swim team at the local YMCA.
Coaching is her third career, after working as a newpaper reporter, then a homeschool teacher. Linn has coached with the Lake Erie Silver Dolphins and Great Lakes Sailfish Swimming in Cleveland, OH, where she worked to build a strong foundation of good stroke technique with young swimmers.  In addition, she has been active with Lake Erie Swimming, serving two years as a Lake Erie Zone coach for 12 and unders, and promoting diversity within the LSC.
Her husband, Gus Chan, works as a newspaper photographer, and her kids are living, studying and working all over the country.
Linn was drawn to SwimMAC because of its tradition of excellence. “It is a privilege to learn from the best coaches in the country in such a collaborative environment. Throw in a great group of young swimmers and their families – it doesn’t get better than that!”


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