Pro Tutors

SwimMAC Carolina a USA Swimming Gold Medal Team with top performing coaches and a training system that is recognized worldwide. These resources are available to swimmers in a one-on-one atmosphere with our coaches through our ProTutors Private Lessons. ProTutors Lessons are for any swimmer that needs additional coaching attention, or who is looking for technical fine-tuning. These are one-on-one sessions that can be planned to address any technical skill for competitive swimmers, including but not limited to starts, turns, and stroke refinement. Sessions may include above and/or underwater video review, along with a plan of action to maintain performance.


ProTutors are open to all SwimMAC team members and to the public. Sessions are available in packages or as single sessions. The days / times of lessons are determined by the swimmer and can be spread out over time if desired.


Packages: SwimMAC Member Rate Public Rate
60 minute session $ 90 $100
Four 60 minute sessions $315 $340

Semi-private (2 swimmers)

Four 60 minute sessions

$360 $400

10 & under option:

Three 30 minute sessions

$120 $120





If you have questions or would like to sign up today, please contact David Kuck at or call 704-728-7936. Requesting a specific coach is always encouraged if you have a preference!


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