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Competitive Team Resources

SwimMAC Competitive Team Division Overview

2015-2016 SwimMAC Equipment List

2015-2016 New Parent Handbook

How to Commit to a Meet in Team Unify

SwimMAC Philosophy on High School Swimming

Meet Squad Information

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Swimming Terminology

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College Swimming Resources

The following helpful information is available to download here:

SwimMAC's College Swimming 101 Handbook 

NCAA Initial Eligibility Guide

2015-2016 NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Athlete


Student-athletes interested in participating in collegiate sports should register with the NCAA at the beginning of their sophomore/10th grade year of high school. Register online through the NCAA Eligibility Center at


Visit the following sites for additional college and financial aid information:

Federal Student Aid

College Foundation of North Carolina

Big Future by the College Board 


For SwimMAC Swimmers:

Submit your information to SwimMAC by completing the Recruitable Student-Athlete Form.



Swimming Links

SwimMAC's Team Unify site

USA Swimming

North Carolina Swimming

State and National Time Standards

North Carolina Records

US Masters Swimming


Swimming World



Who to Contact for Help

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2015-2016 Parent Mentors:

Kerri Powell - North Region


Kim Sherrill - South Region


Lauri Dragelin - South Region